Internet usage on mobile devices is quickly catching and will very soon surpass internet usage on desktop computers. Ten Ten Web can make your website fully mobile compatible.

While it is true that most websites load just fine on today’s modern smart-phones, a mobile compatible website is designed specifically for functionality and accessibility on the traditionally smaller mobile phone screens.

By utilising a responsive design technique, your website will automatically adjust to fit mobile and tablet screens of all sizes. Be it an iPhone, Android or iPad, Ten Ten Web can create a mobile web design (also known as responsive web design) with features including:

  • 1Responsive mobile screen resolutions
  • 2Easy touch friendly menu (just like Facebook)
  • 3Streamlined design built for touch navigation
  • 4Single site update (update your website once and both your normal and mobile website is updated)
  • 5Touchable call-to-actions with prominent phone numbers and quick contact forms

Not only do mobile websites give your business modern presence on the internet, it also gives you the edge over your competitors when it comes to ranking on Google. Google recently stated that one of the key indicators they look for when determining the quality of the website is its ability to load on mobile platforms.

The Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

Website Is Easy to Read & Navigate

No pinching, zooming, scrolling or searching for the ‘contact us’ button!

Work On Any Smartphone

Responsive websites are built on a fluid flexible grid that adapts to the browser that renders the website.

Higher Conversion Rate of Sales and Enquiries

Visitors stay longer because they can actually ‘read’ your website meaning more chance of a sale or enquiry.

Fast Loading

There’s no Flash or other technologies that are not thoroughly supported by mobile devices

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