Google Adwords


Google Adwords is the fastest way to reach new customers

Google’s paid advertising is a powerful tool for companies who desire immediate results at a managed cost. With competition in the pay-per-click sector at an all-time high, you need a qualified, talented team of PPC and Google AdWords experts to put together the best possible strategy. Get the most out of your marketing budget with the fantastic Google Adwords packages us.

Our Approach

Our team understands what it takes to develop a great Google AdWords strategy for our clients starting by getting to know your business goals and taking the time to research your target market.

Once we have identified your target market, the team will start setting up your campaign by;

Reviewing your website to ensure it will convert traffic via Google AdWords and accurately track the data.

Determining your monthly budget that you wish to allocate (it is critical have a suitable budget to match your industry’s competition and search volumes).

Determining the geographic locations you wish to target.

Keyword research to identify relevant keywords, their competition and their approximate cost per click.

The team will build your Google AdWords campaign based on the results that matter to you and ensure it is structured in accordance with Google’s best practices.

From here, our team will work with you to keep optimising your campaigns and provide ongoing recommendations and insights specifically on the metrics and data that matters to you.

Why You Should Be Using Google AdWords

Generates High-Quality Leads

Nowadays, when people are searching for a product or service, they simply just do a quick Google search. With an intention of purchasing, they are most likely to convert if what you are willing to offer in your ads matches what they are looking for.

You Only Pay For Clicks

Google AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click system, which means you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. This allows us to optimize and improve your Google AdWords campaigns, bringing you better results over time.

Measurable Results

Google AdWords allows us to track every visitor that visits your website and with this information, we will be able to identify which ads or keywords are performing better and optimize them to bring in better results.

Why Work With Us?

We tailor ads based on your online marketing goals, there is no ‘one size fits all’ ads, which is why we go the extra mile in creating multiple variations that reach out to the right audience. We don’t stop once we’ve reached your goals, as we are constantly monitoring and optimizing your campaigns and helping you to bring in better results.

At Amber Creative Singapore, we aim to make advertising work for you. By identifying the keywords that your customers are most likely to use when searching for products or services, we will then strive to put all the right information in front of them and driving them into action.

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