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Website Maintenance Services

Do you think that, once the website is live, your work is done, right? 

Not really!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where cyber attacks are a real threat. An outdated Website is vulnerable to attack. Hoping that your website won’t get hit doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to take an active approach to protect your site and the important data stored in your software

Website maintenance is a critical part of keeping your website efficient and safe from hackers.

Website Design

Our website maintenance service

We help you to maintain your website so that you can have peace of mind running your business and let our WordPress experts handle your website maintenance needs.

WordPress Updates

Keeping up with WordPress updates can be a pain. What happens if the update takes the whole site down? Let us manage this risk for you.

Website Security

Website protection from spam, brute force attacks, and malware monitoring for your business website.

Change Contact Forms

We can help you to change the details in the contact forms based on new information that you wish to collect.

Monthly / Weekly Backup

We ensure that your website’s information will be backed up every month so information will not be lost. We will ensure the backups are stored off-site.

WordPress Plugin Upgrade

Should there be updates that can improve the performance of your website, we are always up to date with the necessary plugins and tools.

Add or Edit Content

We can assist to improve the aesthetics and user experience of the website with insights or feedback that we encounter along the way.

How much does it cost?

Let us take care of your website, so you don’t have to. With packages starting from only RM300 a month, our expert team will take care of everything for you, allowing you to focus on what you know best, your business.


Min Contract: 3 months



  • Web Maintenance With WordPress Version Update
  • No. of website: 1
  • Schedule Website Backup: Monthly
  • Update/Upload Existing Content: 5 edit/month
  • Check and fix any broken links
  • Security Enhancement
  •  WordPress Plugins Updates
  •  New Page Creation: 1 page/month


Min Contract: 3 months



  • Web Maintenance With WordPress Version Update
  • No. of website: 1
  • Schedule Website Backup: Weekly
  • Update/Upload Existing Content: 15 edit/month
  • Check and fix any broken links
  • Security Enhancement
  •  WordPress Plugins Updates
  • WordPress theme updates
  •  New Page Creation: 2 page/month
  •  Google Analytic Setup

Website Maintenance Services

Frequently asked questions

Yes there is big difference between them. In website designing we starts from zero here you are selecting these things from multiple choice; font for web page content, colors, images for products and advertising, themes, page layout etc, and website maintenance is to updating the wordpress core, plugin, theme, changing or editing some content of web page, changing some links or e-mail address.  so stay ahead in the world of internet the web maintenance is required on the type of site informational or e-commerce

as often as you have to because it is important to keep your version of WordPress update, and your plugins up to date. However, nobody wants to sit at their computer waiting for plugins to need updating! We suggest a weekly check-up, which is what we do for our WordPress Maintenance clients.

The best ways to maintain your WordPress website are to save regular backups, remove unused plugins, update regularly used plugins, monitor your website speed, and keep an eye on your security. We take care of all this (and more) with our WordPress Maintenance packages.

This depends on how much website maintenance is required to complete your request. Time frames will be included with your quote. All work is done base on the maintenance plan.